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Communication barriers and how to effectively overcome them

Extrovert, introvert or ambivert, no matter which kind of person you are – you need to communicate when working in a professional environment. It is especially true when it comes to the real estate industry. There are so many clients, customers and colleagues you need to be in touch for updates and other information.

Did you know? Most companies with 100,000 employees quoted a loss of over $62.4 million per year per company from inept communication! That is the price that a company has to pay for every miscommunication or lack of communication. Then, how to overcome this barrier? Here are some tips that can help,

But before we indulge in the ‘how’ part, let us understand ‘whom’ to communicate. Find the possible prospects from different marketing channels and drive them for the sales pitch.

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The art of listening

One common mistake everyone makes is not to carefully listen to what the other party has to say. It applies to every aspect of effective communication. Whether it is your potential clients who have specific requirements for the house or the complimentary business that want you to follow their prerequisites, you need to hear the person out first.

Communication is always a two-way street. And, to drive a better culture in the organisation, you must encourage the employees to voice their opinions and ideas. When the workforce is engaged, then the organisation thrives. The same goes with talking to a client.

Too much information

The potential client you’re attending to needs only the information related to the house like its maintenance, price and the turnaround time to finish the legal documentation. Anything more than that is TMI! The client doesn’t have to know the personal details of the previous owner etc.,!

So, before you interact with the buyer, spend some time preparing for the conversation. Find the significant points to highlight and speak only about those. Give the opposite party enough space to ask you questions and answer them diligently.

The basic etiquettes

Given the circumstances of the last 2 years, the world has gone virtual. Many crucial meetings and interactions are arranged through video conferences. Even in the real estate sector, many clients finalised the properties through Skype calls. It has brought a physical barrier to communication. 

To avoid any miscommunication or poor conversations, follow some basic rules mentioned below,

  • Be confident while speaking to the client.
  • Every person has a communication style. Understand theirs and try mimicking to form a rapport.
  • While precision is important, do not hesitate to be elaborate and answer the questions promptly when asked.
  • Clients are versatile and can have a language barrier, so prepare for the conversation in advance. Or invite a translator, if need be!

Business flourishes on better communication! While no one is perfect, we can always learn and make room for growth.