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My experience to Visit Bana Hills Resort Da Nang, Vietnam

A vacation to Vietnam, a traveler actually found a European-style atmosphere. All that you can see in Ba Na Hill, located in Da Nang City. Therefore, I decided to go to the city of Da Nang, initially wanting to take the train from Hanoi. But it is very far and it takes a long time, about 16 hours. Finally, I decided to get on a plane, even though the ticket price was decent but it saved a lot of time. Because of the morning flight, I did not dare to take the risk to order a take-away car. So I ordered a private car from the hotel to be sent to NoiBai Airport at a cost of 230,000 VND per car. We boarded Jetstar at 07.30 and arrived at Da Nang Airport at 8:50 in the morning. The first day in Da Nang I went straight to Ba Na Hills …

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